About Toby

020894  Toby                                Border Collie
        Susan Vaughn                        Newton , MA

Points: 15,082    Multibreed points: 3,087   

Titles: FDX=2002-06-01      FD=2002-06-01       MBD=2002-10-12      FDCH=2002-10-26     
        MBDX=2002-10-26     FDCH-S=2003-07-05   MBDCH=2004-05-22    FDCH-G=2005-09-03   
        MBDCH-S=2005-10-01  FM=2007-03-03       MBDCH-G=2007-05-12  FMX=2010-07-31      
        IRONDOG=2010-11-06  FMCH=2012-09-01     

Toby, one of the Weston Whirlwinds' original dogs, was a special rescue dog who brought joy to Susan and Phil for years and of course to Sam and Maggie too. Toby was full of energy and attitude in his younger days. He loved Flyball and gave it all he had.

He was the first border collie on the team and the first dog we were able to train a swimmers turn. Toby's first tournament was on June 1, 2002, in Bennington, VT. The team was Bailey (Cindy's mix breed), Yogi (lab), Nyla (Doberman), Koffan (Angelica's Terve), Tegan (Renee's Yorkie), and Toby. Toby earned 114 points that weekend as the 6 dogs shared racing (Tegan earned the most at 164 as the only height dog). We remember those Vermont tournaments - they were a blast. Toby was the last dog left from this team so it is truly the end of an era now that he is gone.

In his career Toby earned 15,082 points and the titles of FMCh, MBDCh-Gold and the Iron Dog award. Most importantly he earned the hearts of everyone and will be missed by his family.

The original team is together playing Flyball at the bridge. Dog speed Toby.