About Remi

100215  Remi                                Pyrenean Shepherd
        Liz & Dave Strauss                  Sheerborn , MA

Points: 53,672    Multibreed points: 20,600  

Titles: FDX=2010-02-13      FD=2010-02-13       FDCH=2010-02-13     FDCH-S=2010-04-10   
        FDCH-G=2010-08-07   MBDX=2011-02-19     MBD=2011-02-19      FM=2011-02-19       
        MBDCH-S=2011-05-21  MBDCH=2011-05-21    MBDCH-G=2011-10-08  FMX=2011-10-09      
        MBM=2012-05-19      FMCH=2012-07-21     ONYX=2013-04-13     MBMX=2013-12-07     
        FGDCH=2014-05-10    MBMCH=2014-12-06    FG40K=2015-09-12    FG50K=2017-11-11    
        MBOnyx=2018-10-13   IRONDOG=2018-10-13  

Remi was a Pyrenean Shepherd, a French breed that is somewhat rare in the U.S. He made his Flyball debut with a splash at Mardi Gras Madness 2010, earning his FD, FDX, and FDCh all at the same tournament.

In his younger days Remi usually ran in the mid 5's in the pack although in moments of brilliance (and when his handler gave him a decent pass) he was known to reach 5.1 seconds. As he got older he ran in the mid to upper 5's, but he was still hitting 5.2 seconds in his very last tournament (CanAm 2018), where he earned his Irondog and MBOnyx titles and was a member of the 2018 CanAm Multibreed Division 4 championship team. His personal best in Single Dog Racing was 4.8 seconds.

You can see a video of him in his first tournament here »

His jump height was 11".

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Remi at Survivor 2011 Remi at Spring Wing Ding 2013 Remi and Dave at Spring Wing Ding 2013